Fiscal Year 2023 Audit

Pursuant to §15.2-2511 of the Code of Virginia, this news bulletin serves as notification to the public that Amelia County's fiscal year 2023 (FY23) audit was not completed by December 15th, 2023 which is the first deadline in a series. The County does not expect to meet the deadline of February 14th, 2024 to have the County's finalized audit report included in the Auditor of Public Account's (APA) draft Comparative Report for FY23. The County does fully expect to have a finalized audit report prior to the final deadline of March 29th, 2024 which would place the County's finalized audit report in APA's final Comparative Report for FY23.

Amelia County's FY23 final audit report has been delayed due to longer than expected reconciliation of financial statements. Reconciliation of the County's financial reports is complete and currently under review by the County's auditor Robinson, Farmer, Cox Associates (RFC). The expected completion date is currently no later than 02/28/2024.