State And Federal Tax Information

We offer assistance with both state and federal tax questions. We do not specialize in Federal Taxes but will research questions that arise and try to help you. We will also help you get in touch with the State or Federal Departments to try to resolve any issues. We have forms here for your convenience. If there is a form we do not have we will make the efforts to find it and print it for you.

If you wish to drop your taxes off for preparation by our office you can fill out our Tax Preparation Information Sheet (PDF) to speed up the process for drop off.

Please check back we are still adding information!

Information for 2014 Income Taxes

If you are brining us your taxes for the 2014 year to have them prepared please have information regarding health insurance on all members to be claimed on the tax return. Due to tax law changes on the health insurance laws we will need to know your exemption certificate if you are in fact exempt, as well the month start and end date and what the reason you are exempt is.

If you have health coverage we just need to know that everyone claimed on the return is covered. If only some are covered the ones that are not covered we need that noted and whether they are exempt or not and what their exemption reasons are.

State Taxes: Services We Offer

This office can process already prepared state tax returns for you. By bringing them to us, it speeds up the refund process. When we process tax returns here we also have a documentation trail of when we received it as well as when it was processed and mailed. This can help with issues raised by the VA State Tax Department if that occurs. We can also assist in researching where your return is in its progress and answer questions as to when you may be expecting your refund, where there is a hold up and why, etc.

We are processing state sales tax returns for citizens now as well. This is a quick process that sends your payment immediately to the Tax Department. If you wish for us to process your state sales tax be sure to bring with you your: bank account routing and account number (to pay from), your FEIN number, and your sales totals. We will keep a record here of when it was processed and paid if there is ever a discrepancy.

We offer assistance with filing and preparing state income tax returns. If you wish for us to prepare your state income tax return for you please bring in your issued tax forms with a copy of your federal return and all date of birth and social security numbers for those to be claimed.

Please see our Deadlines page for due dates on state taxes.

Federal Taxes

We offer assistance with federal taxes. We do not specialize in the federal tax portion but will research and assist you in any way that we can. For more information on federal taxes, you can: