Facts About Your Local Government

Did You Know?
  • When you move from a locality you must notify your local Commissioner of the Revenue with an Address Change.
  • When you leave a locality or plan to leave a locality, you should contact the Treasurer's Office to verify any delinquent tax debts.
  • When you receive a rabies vaccination for your dog, you must visit the Treasurer's Office to purchase current year dog tag. Rabies Vaccination Certificates must be presented to purchase the tag. Dog tags are due by December 31 every year for the upcoming year.
  • When you trade your vehicle, buy a new vehicle or replace your windshield, you must present your registration and used decal to the Treasurer's Office for purchase of new county decal within 30 days of the purchase date on the new vehicle registration.
  • When you receive your Personal Property Form in February each year, you must complete the 'form and return it back by May 1, if you wish to make changes, own a business, airplane, or machinery and tools.
  • Tangible personal property used in a trade or a business (furniture, fixtures, computers, machinery and tools, heavy equipment) is also valued by the Commissioner's office. The office uses a depreciating scale to determine value from one year to the next.
  • Business Licenses are calculated on gross receipts. These are audited at random using the State Tax Department to verify receipts. They are due March 1st.
  • Amelia County does not prorate. If you own it the 1st of the year, you owe for all year.
  • When a family member succumbs, you should notify the Commissioner of the Revenue and contact the Treasurer's Office to verify tax account. Amelia County still requires decal on any vehicle you have valid State license plate on. The decal is one- time purchase and is permanent for as long as you own the vehicle in Amelia County.
  • You may pre-pay your real estate and personal property taxes throughout the year. If you choose to do this, prepay account is established in your name for the account you designate. The amount you prepay is posted to your selected bill, when the bills are created for the new year. This lessens the burden at December 5th, tax deadline.
  • You may file State Income Tax locally with the Commissioner of the Revenue.
  • You may pay your Estimated State Income Tax locally at the Treasurer's Office. If it is your first payment for the year, that must go to the Commissioner
  • Merchants, you may pay your sales tax locally when due at the Commissioner's Office. Tax forms are available at the Commissioner's Office.
  • You may review your real estate assessment via our eCommissioner Portal.
  • You may pay your real estate or personal property taxes and sanitary district bills online for Amelia County. Just use Jurisdiction code: 6220. This can be done at your convenience (24/7 when you have copy of your bill) no need to wait for the office to be open.
  • The Treasurer and Commissioner have Facebook pages to follow that contain important updates and information: Amelia County Treasurer's Office Facebook page and Amelia County Commissioner of the Revenue Facebook page
  • Amelia County offers a discount to our senior, qualified veterans and disabled taxpayers on real estate taxes; inquire between February and May at our Commissioner's Office.
  • Amelia County provides its citizens free disposal of trash at the Waste Management Maplewood Landfill and five other convenient recycling centers throughout the County.