Equalization Board

Every six years Amelia County is required by law to reassess the value of all of the real property, including improvements, within the county.  The Code of Virginia requires the Circuit Court to establish a Board of Equalization as a method to equalize valuations for such reassessments and to conduct fair, impartial hearings on property assessment disputes, acting on the basis of relevant evidence submitted by the property owner and the Assessor's office. 

The Board of Equalization shall be composed of five members who are residents of Amelia County, a majority of whom shall also be freeholders, and whom shall be appointed by the Circuit Court Judges. Appointments to the BOE shall be broadly representative of the community.  At least thirty percent (30%) of the appointees shall be either commercial or residential real estate appraisers, other real estate professionals, builders, developers or legal or financial professionals.

Each BOE member is required to attend and participate in the basic course of instruction given by the Department of Taxation under Code of Virginia § 58.1-206.


The Board of Equalization is established pursuant to § 58.1-3370 of the Code of Virginia.


The Board of Equalization term expires one year after the effective date of the assessment for which it was appointed to serve. The 2023 Board of Equalization has been appointed by the Circuit Court.  

Current Members
Sherman "Kelly" Cox
W.C. "Buck" Gough Jr.
Walter Townsend
Wendell Scott
Virginia Peavy Whitaker


Once the Board of Equalization has been trained and convenes, they will set their schedule of hearing dates to appeal to the Board of Equalization.  By ordinance, the deadline for filing appeals to the Board of Equalization is June 5, 2023, and the deadline for disposition of such appeals by the Board of Equalization is October 1, 2023. For details on the next meeting, call (804) 561-3039 or email for Board of Equalization information.

2023 Hearing Dates:
Please Call for appointments and Times. Call for a Board of Equalization Appointment: 804-561-3039.
-June 08, 2023     - July 06, 2023     -August 31, 2023
-June 15, 2023      -July 13, 2023     -September 5, 2023
-June 22, 2023      -July 20, 2023     -September 21, 2023
-June 29, 2023      -July 27, 2023      

Board Meetings to Review Cases Presented:
Board will meet at 5:00PM to review all cases that have been presented. 

-October 10, 2023
-October 11, 2023

*Upon reviewing such complaints, either oral or written, the Board will give consideration AND INCREASE, DECREASE OR AFFIRM such real estate assessments. Letters in the mail will be sent during the month of October and November. Please call 804-561-3039 prior to November 30th, 2023, if you have not received information regarding your case. *

Please see "Agenda and Minutes" page for meeting minutes.