Board of Supervisors

Board of Supervisors Image
Governing Body of Amelia County

Committee Founded/Initial Appointment:  
Elected by citizens of Amelia County 

Appointing Authority: 
Authority for appointments (State Code, Ad-Hoc, etc.):

Committee Staffing:

County Administrator and Clerk to the Board

Mailing Address:
Post Office Box A,
16360 Dunn Street, Ste 101
Amelia, Virginia 23002
Office: 804-561-3039
Fax: 804-561-6039
Click here to Contact the Board Clerk by email. 
Meeting Information: 
The Board of Supervisors Meetings are held in the Amelia County Administration Building Conference Room every third Wednesday of the month at 7p.m. If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Ashley Gunn by email or call the Administrator's Office at 804-561-3039.
Click here to watch the meetings live.

Board Members:


District 1 - David M. Felts- Chairman

Email: david.felts@ameliacova.com

Phone: 804-731-8254



District 2 - Dexter Jones

Email: dexter.jones@ameliacova.com

Phone: 804-561-5622


shaun weyant

District 3 - Shaun Weyant- Vice Chairman

Email: shaun.weyant@ameliacova.com

Facebook: Shaun Weyant Official FB Page

Phone: 804-561-7607


Joseph Easter

District 4 - H. Joseph Easter, IV

Email: joseph.easter@ameliacova.com

Facebook: Joseph Easter Official FB Page

Phone: 804-357-9452



District 5 - Todd Robinson

Email: todd.robinson@ameliacova.com

Phone: 804-297-6917


Jeff gore

County Attorney- Jeff Gore

Email: jeff@heftywiley.com

District Map: 
Amelia Redistricting Plan Staff P1 Corrected 11x17  zoomed in area of CH included