Permit Fees

  1. Commercial Permit Fees
  2. Residential Permit Fees
  • New and Renovation- Base Fee:
    • Under 1,000sq. ft. - $250.00 Base Fee X .50 cents per square foot.
    • Over 1,000 sq. ft. - $250.00 Base Fee X .75 cents per square foot. 
  • New Contruction and Renovation (Non-Structural):
    • $250.00 Base Fee + Trade Permit(s)
  • Trades Permit -Plumbing, Electric, HVAC (Mechanical), Gas, and Change Service:
    • $190.00 Each
  • Certificate of Occupancy:
    • Existing Buildings, Amending, or Transfer a Permit: $65.00
    • Reinstate Permit (Must be requested by Permit Applicant only): $ 65.00
  • Re-Inspection Fee-:  $65.00 (Any inspection that fails a second time prior to scheduling of next inspection)
  • After Hours Inspection and Processing Fee (Inspections needed outside of the normal business 8 A.M.- 5 P.M. hours): $375.00
  • Solar:
    • Commercial Building: $380.00 ($190.00 Electric & $95.00 Solar Hardware AES)
    • Solar Farm: Contact Building Department for Fee.
  • Tents (in excess of 900 sq. ft.; Adjoining tents with common egress in excess of 900 sq. ft): 
    • Fairs/Movies/Wedding venues: $250.00

*Requires tent manufacturer's installation instructions or engineered representation of tent. Acceptance is at the discretion of Building Official*

  • Handicap Ramp for an Existing Commercial Building including Churches (Unless Portable/Temporary): 
    • $250.00 Base Fee X .30 per square foot.

  • Amusement Devices Inspection: Permit fees shall adhere to the fees set forth by the Virginia Amusement Device Regulations (VDAR) promulgated by the Virginia Board of Housing and Community Development. Inspection of permitted rides shall be performed during normal business hours (8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.).

*State Levy Fee: The Commonwealth of Virginia imposes a 2% levy on all building permit fees. This amount is collected at the time of permit application. (Septic Admin, E7S, Re-Inspection, After Hours Inspection Fees are not subject to State Levy) *

*Exemption from Permit Fee: County of Amelia Projects and AG Zoning Permit. *

*REFUND POLICY:  Refunds are granted if an application for a permit is cancelled by written request to the Building Official. Request must be within 6 months of the application date or within 12 months of the issue date (where no inspections have been performed, minus Administrative Fees).

*Call to confirm totals prior to payments*