School Resource Officers

The School Resource Officer (SRO) program was implemented in 2008. The program was initiated through a collaboration of the Amelia County Sheriff's Office, Amelia County Public Schools, Amelia County Board of Supervisors, and the Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS). DCJS provided the initial grant funding for two SRO positions which were placed in the High School and Middle School. A third SRO position was granted in 2013 for the elementary school.

The program strives for student safety by having full time experienced deputies stationed in the schools. The deputies are there to enforce the laws of the Commonwealth and to assist the school administration and other employees in securing and maintaining a healthy and productive school environment. One of the primary responsibilities of our SRO officers is to interact with the students in and outside of the classroom in a positive way so that when needed we can intervene and help at risk kids and help them to make better choices.

Elementary School

In the elementary school the SRO introduces to students the basic duties of a law enforcement officer. This is done by showing students a police officer is a trustworthy person who can be approached when they are scared or in need to help. Some of the classes with the SRO will teach in the elementary school are "Stranger Danger," "Identifying Bad (Poisonous) Labels," and "Calling 911 for Help."

Middle School

When students move to the middle school the SRO focuses more on social behavior and students start to discover their social circles. The SRO in the middle school will focus their teachings on "Anti-bullying," "Dealing with Peer Pressure," "Good Touch and Bad Touch," and "The Health Risks of Tobacco, Marijuana, and Alcohol."

High School

When students enter the high school the SRO focuses their efforts on the more serious issues facing today's teenagers. Through the Virginia Rules program the SRO instructs students on the legal process, the different types of crimes, and the consequences of those crimes. The SRO will educate students on the dangers of "Drinking and Driving," the dangers of "hardcore" drugs such as heroin, meth, and cocaine, along with issues including sexual assault and sexual harassment