Agricultural Real Estate

In Amelia County there is an Ordinance that allows for a deferral of taxes for owners for qualifying Agricultural real estate. The requirements to qualify for this program are:

  • Must be at least 5 acres
  • Must be "for profit" - farmers may cut crops to feed their own animals that are for profit
  • Must supply proof of sales
  • Must pay application fee for each parcel
  • Each owner must sign each renewal, unless there is a signed affidavit that allows someone to sign on behalf
  • Must be in production of a crop or animal
  • Must apply 60 days before the year that the deferral is sought
  • Cannot be delinquent on tax payments or will be removed from the program.

Additional Notes

  • Roll back taxes are possible on land that is removed from the program
  • The deferral reduces qualifying acreage to $520 per acre for each qualifying acre
  • Virginia Code section 58.1-3229 through 58.1-3244: the State Land Evaluation Advisory Council (SLEAC) and the Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services establish all of the guidelines that are to be followed and met
  • Any taxes unpaid on parcels benefitting from this program on April 1 of the following year will result in the parcel being removed from the program