Amelia County Government encourages citizen participation in meetings.


Regular meetings of the Board of Supervisors are held in the General District Courtroom on the third Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. unless otherwise noted.  Workshops and/or special sessions of the Board, are held in the Amelia General District Courtroom prior to the regular meeting unless otherwise noted.  All meetings of the Board of Supervisors (except for closed sessions), are open to the public. 


  1. Anyone wishing to speak at a Board of Supervisors meeting is encouraged, whenever practicable, to provide the County Administrator with a written summary of their comments prior to their appearance before the Board of Supervisors.
  2. If the speaker cannot provide such written comments prior to the Board Meeting, he/she is encouraged to provide a written summary before or after their presentation/comments to the Board, whenever practicable.
  3. All speakers must give their name and address or sign in to speak.
  4. Sign-up sheet is located at the back of the courtroom.
  5. All comments must be made at the podium or as directed by the Chairman.
  6. For the Public record before you speak, clearly state your name and address.
  7. Please limit speaking time to a maximum of three (3) minutes, unless otherwise directed by the Chairman.
  8. Please direct all comments and/or questions to the chairman of the Board, unless otherwise directed.
  9. Speakers may speak once during a specific hearing unless otherwise directed by the Chairman of the Board.
  10. Please be respectful of speakers at all times and allow all opinions to be expressed in a tolerant and calm atmosphere
  11. Speakers may be answered in the Board Comment Period or by Staff at a later date.