Business License

Business License (BPOL) Requirements

Business Licenses in Amelia County are required for anyone doing business in the county and grossing more than $2,500 of gross receipts.

If you are a contractor and have a license in another locality then you are allowed up to $25,000 in Amelia off of your other license. In the event you gross more than the $25,000 in Amelia then you would only pay on the amount OVER the $25,000.

Steps to obtain BPOL

In order to obtain a license with Amelia County the first step is to obtain a Zoning Certificate from The County Administrator's Office. This is just a formality and does not have a cost. You can walk into their office to fill it out OR you may fill it out here, then print and fax it directly to them at (804) 561-6039.

If you fax it in, their office will deliver it to our's and we can begin the actual license process. Our business license form is found here. Once this is filled out you may either come in to pay for the license OR you can fax (804-561-6472) this form to us with your gross receipts and a phone number and we will let you know the amount that needs to be paid. Once you have the total cost you will send us a check and upon receipt of payment we will post the actual license for you and mail it out. Or you can call and pay over the phone to the Treasurer's Office 804-561-2145. There is a 2.5% fee for credit card charges. You may also pay with an e-Check from your checking account. There is a fee of $3.95 for the E-Check. You will need the Business License number and amount from us first in order to pay over the phone.

If you choose to walk in the process takes about 10-15 minutes total as long as the County Planner or County Administrator is in to sign off on the Zoning Certificate.

If you are a Contractor we are required to obtain a Contractor's Certificate of Worker's Compensation Insurance Form from you. Starting this year (2017) you need to file that form electronically here. Print this form when completed with the confirmation number at the bottom left hand side. We will need a copy of this confirmation page before we are permitted to issue a license. 

Types of Licenses

The Board of Supervisors adopted new rates for the 2018 year. The information below is a CHANGE from the past years.

Based on the business you are performing we will place you in either one or several categories. The minimum for each category is $30. The break down of what amounts minimum license covers and the cost per hundred dollars is listed below

1. Retail Sales  $30,000 minimum  &  .10/$100 
2. Wholesale Sales & Direct Sellers $120,000 minimum &   .025/$100
3. Repairs, Personal Business, & other Services  $16,667 minimum   &   .18/$100 
4. Financial, Real Estate  & Professional $12,000 minimum   &   .25/$100 
5. Contractors                                                       $37,500 minimum    &   .08/$100 
6. Speedways, carnivals, events
Masseuse & Photographers 
$33,334 minimum    &   .09/$100 

**NOTE: Contractors located within Amelia County. You may purchase a minimum license that covers you for $25,000 in Amelia County and all other counties as well. If you gross over $25,000 in Amelia we will base the license on the amount you do gross within the county but it will still allow you the $25,000 in other counties. If you were to go over the $25,000 in another county you would need to check with them for requirements on licenses in their locality but only for the amount over the $25,000.