License Required

Amelia County requires that all dogs residing in the County four months of age or older are required by Article IV, Section 4.1 of the county ordinance, to have and display a county dog license/tag.  In order to obtain the license, citizens must present the original copy of a current rabies vaccination certificate signed by a licensed veterinarian.

Dog licenses are on sale from January 1st to January 31st of each year.  All citizens owning or kenneling dogs are required to license each animal. 

Location to Purchase Dog Licenses

Amelia County Treasurer's Office
16360 Dunn Street, Suite 103
P.O. Box 430
Amelia, VA  23002

License Fees

  • Male/Female   $10.00
  • Spayed/Neutered   $5.00
  • Up to 20 dog kennel   $35.00
  • Up to 50 dog kennel   $50.00
  • Duplicate License   $1.00
License Not Required for Service Dogs

No license fee shall be imposed on any dog that is trained and serves as a guide dog for a blind person or that is trained and serves as a hearing dog for a deaf or hearing-impaired person; or that is a search and rescue dog; or that is trained and serves as a service dog for a mobility-impaired person.