Coach and Official Information, Meetings, Training and Certification

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Do you want to be a Coach? Here's what you need to know.
Coach Certification is required for all Coaches at no cost to you. ACPR whistle
You must be certified in each sport you are Coaching.
Coaching Certification must be renewed annually. 

FIRST TIME Coaching? Using the link below, create an account and log into the NAYS Training site to complete your training.
COACHED BEFORE? Use the link below to log into your NAYS account and renew your certification.

AFTER COMPLETING YOUR ONLINE TRAINING...(First time and returning Coaches)
Provide a copy of your RECEIPT which shows your payment made for the training, and a copy of your NAYS certification so we can reimburse you for your training. We look forward to partnering with you during this season.

Use this link to complete your NAYS online certification. Thank you.